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Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
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Frequently Asked Questions from June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:


New questions and answers added 15th August



New questions added:

What is Grove providing for p7 children coming into s1?  Details of transition can be found on our website http://grove.ea.dundeecity.sch.uk/p7-transition This page will be updated regularly so please keep checking it. On Aug 11th we are hoping to have all of S1 into Grove for an induction day, half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Details of when to turn up will be on the site and I am hoping we will be able to text parents the classes their child will be in along with starting times for 11th soon.


What platform is being used for this - zoom / teams? The most common platform used by Grove is Glow/Teams. On 11th Guidance staff will give details of how to access this to pupils. The current learning portal can be found here https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/dd/grovehomelearning/


What is happening re meeting key staff, guidance etc Pupils will meet key staff and their guidance teacher on 11th August, they will get a tour of the school and also get to a short induction from Mr Hutton and Mr Doherty.


What is happening regarding orientation to the building  - I see other schools are offering ‘covid friendly’ visits. Normally we would have had three induction days plus a parents’ evening in order to calm the anxieties of pupils and parents alike. This is unfortunately not possible this year. We are also following the guidance given by the Scottish Government which states:

“The commencement of targeted approaches to school induction, at some point in June, for small groups of priority pupils including new P1s and S1s, children with additional support needs and children/young people identified as hard to engage throughout lockdown to date.” 

This is also the policy of Dundee City Council and this is what we have been adhering to. Our definition of priority pupils includes the categories mentioned above plus young carers, those with underlying medical conditions and those with mental health issues, including anxiety. this will pupils from all three of our cluster primaries (Eastern, Forthill and Barnhill) as well as pupils with placing requests coming to Grove. 


When will children learn their classes? On the induction day on 11th August pupils will be with half their class. Classes are made up form recommendations from Primary School relating to mutually supportive groups in other words, pupils who can learn well together.


Can we be given a tour of Grove?

There is a short, guided tour of the school on the schools website as well as a photo tour of each floor and a floor plan of the school. You will get an opportunity to see more of the school when you start in August.


What subjects will I learn at Grove and what will my timetable look like?

All the possible subjects that you will study at Grove can be found in the 'Guidance Team Power Point' on the website. This also includes what a typical day at Grove is like and examples of possible extra curricular clubs that may be on offer at the school. If you played a musical instrument at primary you can carry this on in secondary. A sample S1 timetable can be found on the 'P7 Transition' section of the website and the timings of the school day are in the 'Pupil Transition Booklet'. There are also links on the transition page for each of the subject departments, giving you a little information about the subjects you will study.


Will there be other people from my class and who will my teachers be?

There will be roughly 30 students in your class. Keep checking for updates on Grove's website and Twitter feed as to when you will find out your class. You will more than likely find out who your teachers are in August.


What do I wear and what should I bring to school?

You will find this information in the 'Pupil Transition Booklet' which is on the school website.


Who can help me in school if I have any worries?

Everyone at your high school will support you.

People in particular that you may approach for help and advice are:

  • Your tutor
  • Your Guidance teacher
  • The pupil support team
  • Pupil support workers
  • S2 peer supporters
  • S6 Buddies

You will find out more about their roles and who they are in August.


When will I get my Young Scot Card?

You will more than likely receive your Young Scot card when you return in August. You can visit the Young Scot website for more information.


What are my lunch options?

When normal service resumes, you can use the canteen or bring a packed lunch. The canteen runs a cashless system and you use a card to pay for your food. There is a great selection of food - sandwiches, baked potatoes, soup, hot food and healthy snacks- all in keeping with a Health Improving School. Due to current circumstances, this may be different in August but Grove will keep you updated before your first day.


For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.