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Blythswood Shoebox Appeal 2017

A huge well done and congratulations to all who helped donate to the Blythswood Shoebox appeal this year. We ended up with 217 boxes, which is a fantastic effort. It was great to have so many pupils and staff give so generously to bring some joy to a stranger at this harsh time of year.

A special mention has to go to some tutor groups who did amazingly:
 1R1 with Mrs MacDonald – 10 ½ boxes
 1G1 with Mrs Tonner – 10 boxes
 1O1 with Miss Lowden and 2O1 with Mrs Terroni managed 8 boxes each
 5G2 with Mrs Forbes made an amazing 11 boxes
 2R2 with Mrs Oldham, with only 20 in their class, made up an incredible 12 boxes.

Dimitri and his four siblings lost their dad two years ago when he died of cancer at the age of just 30. Unfortunately their mum lacks basic
life skills and the children would almost certainly have been taken into care were it not for their grandpa. Although he has lost the use of his right arm, he makes providing for these children his priority, doing his best to ensure that they do not go hungry. Needless to say it was Grandpa who made sure that Dimitri and his sister were taken to an event in their part of Hungary’s Southern Great Plain, the day Blythswood shoeboxes were given out to low-income families.

One distributor in the area says:“Your kindness brings unforgettable joy into the lives of people who feel left out. They like to feel respected and accepted. They need to be loved.”

Thank you to all the pupils who helped to check and carry the boxes as well, many of whom gave up 3 or 4 lunchtimes to help out. I am so proud of the way so many of our community want to make such a positive impact in the wider world.

For more information on the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal visit their website https://www.blythswood.org/shoebox

Mrs Berry and Scripture Union Group

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