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Child Flu programme 2022/2023

The Flu vaccine is being offered to all primary and secondary school pupils in Scotland. Flu can be serious, even for healthy children. The vaccine will help to protect children getting sick with flu and needing time off school. 

To help raise awareness of the flu vaccine amongst pupils, staff and parents/carers, Public Heath Scotland have prepared a number of resources to help prepare pupils in Scottish schools.  

These include  

  • A briefing document for staff with details of the flu vaccination programme 
  • Flu vaccine information leaflet for parents/carers 
  • Flu vaccine information leaflet for secondary school pupils 
  • Posters 
  • Classroom activity sheet 
  • Guidance on consent forms 
  • Videos for school pupils showing what to expect during a flu vaccination  

These resources are available to download online at publichealthscotland.scot/flueducationpack.We would be grateful if you could communicate this to your contacts within education.   

Flu vaccine for school staff 

Teachers and pupil-facing support staff who work within primary or secondary schools in a local authority or independent setting will also be eligible to get the free flu vaccine. Visit nhsinform.scot/flu or call 0800 030 8013 for more information.