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Exam Results not as Expected- you may be able to appeal!

If your exam results are lower than the estimate the school submitted you may be eligible for an appeal.

Please check out the information on SQA Website about details.


Link to SQA Appeals Booklet https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/SQA-Appeals-2022-guidance-for-learners.pdf

Information on Appeals from SQA https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/79049.html


If you wish to the school to submit an appeal, you should contact the schools as follows


Priority Appeals (this is if you have a conditional offer for university or college and your actual grades are lower than your estimate grades).

  • You should email the school at groveacademy@dundeeschools.scot to note your request stating the subject and that it is a priority appeal. This needs to be done by end of day Tuesday 16th August.
  • The Principal Teacher of the subject will be back in touch to discuss this with you.

The SQA deadline for schools to submit all evidence for priority appeals  is 19th August so all requests need to be into the school by 16th August to give staff time to gather required evidence.


Non-Priority Appeals (this is if you are not going to University/ college this year or if you have an unconditional offer for university/ college)

  • You should email the school ( groveacademy@dundeeschools.scot ) if you have left by end of Tuesday 23rd August or if you are still at school speak directly to the subject PT before this date.