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Grove Academy YPI Final

All second year pupils have taken part in the YPI programme (https://ypiscotland.org.uk/) this session. The 200 S2 pupils involved have represented over 50 different charities in the hope of winning them a £3000 funding grant.
The final was held on Wednesday with judges Kevin Cordell, DCC Councillor Ferry Ward, Carla Barbour, Grove Academy DHT, Blair Thomson, Northwood Charitable Trust and Clare Jefferson, Grove Academy Parent Council.
Seven groups made it to the final, representing seven fantastic and worthwhile charities:
  • Dundee Foodbank, represented by Ross Alexander, Tom Irving, Lewis Burns
  • YeAABA represented by Jonathan Main, Monty Monteith, Liam Johanseen
  • Love Oliver represented by Alexandra Bain, Rosie Nicoll, Elise Binie
  • Bliss represented by Jacqueline Downie, Holly Lockyer, Holly Nicholls, Zoe Kelly, Kacie McDonnell
  • Tayside Cancer Support represented by Teresa Assension, Maia Fraser, Hannah Haggarty
  • Dundee Women's Aid represented by Mercy Tang, Daisy Anderson, Elena Peeble & Choir
  • Tayside Dead Children's Society represented by Lachlan Latto, Sally Brown, Sam Terroni and Craig Adams
With Tayside Cancer Support being crowned the winners and securing the grant for their charity. Well Done to all involved. Thank you to every charitiy involved through the whole YPI process.
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