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Information For S4-6 Pupils Regarding SQA Examinations

Dear Grove Young Person

SQA Exams Cancellation

As you are aware, the Depute First Minister, John Swinney, has announced that this year’s exam diet will not go ahead.  At present we are awaiting more information from SQA which we will share in due course.  In the meantime these are the details we currently know.

Firstly and most importantly please do not panic. We will be doing everything we can to ensure no young person is disadvantaged and the Scottish Government, with SQA, will be working with us on this.  Some questions I know many of you have asked include:


Will my achievements this year be recognised?

Yes.  Your achievements over all of your courses will be recognised this year. The SQA will ask your teachers to provide an estimate grade for each of your courses based on your achievements in coursework and assessments. This includes all of your achievements in assessments throughout the year and not only your prelim results.  Your teacher knows you well and will be able to give you an estimated grade which reflects your ability, were you to have sat the exam in May.  SQA will also look at prior attainment information where appropriate.  Estimated grades will not be sent to SQA until the end of April 2020.


What happens if I still have coursework to complete?

Support will be in place for you in school to complete any outstanding coursework.  Support will continue in school next week for those young people who need to complete folios and assessments. It is important that if you are well and are not self-isolating, you come into school to complete this work.  We will provide more information on this in school as soon as possible.  This will also happen after the Easter holidays, provided the SQA deadlines have not passed.  If you have been self-isolating, we can ask SQA for an extension for your coursework.


What happens if I cannot attend school to complete this work?

The school will contact you next week to try to arrange support to complete coursework at home or at a later date.


Will I receive certification for achievements this year?

Yes. The SQA have explained that that results should be issued no later than August 4th 2020 as planned.


What about my UCAS application?

UCAS have provided a statement on their website detailing their processes and priorities over the coming weeks.  They are clear that young people should not make any knee-jerk reactions at this stage and that young people will not be disadvantaged.  Remember all young people across the UK are in the same position.


What if I have any more questions?

Staff will be in school all of next week. Updates and information will be provided as and when we receive it.

Please be assured, you are our absolute priority.  We are committed to supporting you and ensuring that your hard work throughout this year is recognised.  We will all get through this difficult time together.


Yours sincerely


Graham W Hutton


(A copy of this letter can be downloaded from the Grove Academy website)