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Prefects and Captaincy Team Applications

Applications are invited for the Prefects and Captaincy Team for session 2018-2019

Please complete a letter of application for the post of Prefect and submit with the covering form, which can be downloaded here.

Your application should be typed on A4 paper and be approximately 1000 words.

In your letter of application you should consider the following:

·         Why have you put yourself forward to be considered for the post of Prefect?

·         Your skills and experiences which support your application.  Please link these skills and experiences to the role of prefect.  You may wish to speak to current prefects, Guidance Staff or House Heads.

·         How you have benefitted or been supported by prefects in previous years.

·         Ideas or additional projects that you might be keen to promote through your role as prefect.

·         Further improvements that might be considered to the role of prefect.

·         Further improvements that you would like to be able to promote and support within Grove and the wider community.

·         How you will manage and commit to duties throughout the year until your leaving date.

This list is not exhaustive but should be used to focus your thoughts on what the role of prefect entails and how you would make a suitable appointment.

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