Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy


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P7 Parent and Carer Information Evening Page
School's Priorities Page
UCAS Application Process Page
Chaplaincy Team Leaflet. Page
News Media Folder
School Improvement Folder
Newsletters Folder
Report of Extended Review 19th – 21st September 2016 File
Bereavement Leaflet File
Grove Academy Standards & Quality Report 2015 File
Grove Academy Home Learning Policy File
grove-academy-s-q-2012.pdf File
supporting-study-at-grove-academy.pdf File
grove-handbook-2013-14.pdf File
supported-study-2013-14-chart-latest.docx File
supporting-study-at-grove-academy-1.pdf File
grove-academy-anti-bullying-policy-2014.pdf File
115043 1 250 File
Anti-bullying Policy File
Responsibility for Learning Policy 2015 File
Supported Study 2015.6 chart File
School Improvemnet Plan 2015-2018 File
School's Priorities File
P7 Parent and Carer Information Evening, January 2016 File
UCAS Application Process File
USA Oct 2016 File
Transitions 2016 File
Ready to vote 2016 File
Register to vote 2016 File
Microsoft Staff & Student Advantage File
Bring Your Own Device Assembly File
Code Academy @ Dundee & Angus College File
Change to Late Coming Procedures File
School Timetable File
Grove Academy Home Learning Leaflet File
USA 2016 Trip - Information for parents File
USA Trip 2016 - Information File
SDE Report September 2016 File
Christmas Fayre 2016 File
N5 Prelim File
School Placement Request Form File
Grove Academy S5/6 Prelim Examination Timetable 2016-17 File
S3-S4 Parents Evening Presentation File
Grove Academy School Handbook File
School IMprovemnet Plan 2015-18 File
School Priorities File
UCAS Application Process File
Brightsolid Presentation File
DYW 2017-18 File
Learn@D&A File
Bereavement Survey Information File
App User Guide File
Polly Jones DEPS 2017 File
SQA Study Leave 2017 File
Grove Academy School Uniform 2017 File
P7 Transition 2017 File
SQA Pupil Advice 2017 File
DDI UC Booklet 2018 File
DDI 2017/18 Schedule File
S5/6 prelim 2017/18 File
Work Experience Folder
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service - Malicious Call Outs File
Show My Homework - Parent Info File
Parental Letter April 2018 File
SNSA 2018 File
Prefects Application 2018 File
2017/18 S1-S5Grove Academy Celebrating Achievement Event Programme File
S3 Masterclass Rota 2018 File
Dundee Youth Council Promo 2018 File
Dundee Youth Council Rec 2018 File
Blytheswood Appeal 2018 File
SScot18 Digital poster File
National Healthcare Weekend File
Shiell St Green Growers from Grove File
YOYP Queen St Prince's Trust Grove Academy File
National 5 Prelim Jan 2019 File
Christmas 2018 Newsletter File
Road Closure File
Higher Prelim 2019 File
Plumbing and Electrical Preparation Programs 2019-20- Information Evening File
Grove Chaplaincy File
Tayside Parenting Strategy File
Medically prescribed diet application File
Senior Phase Attainment and Achievement Review File
Grove Self-Evaluation 2017/18 File
Broad General Education Attainment and Achievement File
Easter Study School 2019 File
Prefect remits File
S6 Captaincy Application File
S6 Award Ceremony - Parental Letter April 2019 File
Parent Guardian Letter from Police Scotland File
2019 Exams pupil presentation File
2019/2020 Prelim Timetable File
App links File
App Flyer File
Grove Academy Proposals File
Understanding the S4-S6 years.png Image
Covid-19 17 March File
Covid-19 Grove Additional Parent lnfo File