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Covid-19 mitigation rules from 28th February

Dear Grove Academy pupil and parent/carer,

As you will be aware, the Scottish Government has changed the Covid-19 mitigation rules with regard to schools and wider society.  From Monday 28th February 2022, pupils will no longer have to wear a face covering in classrooms but pupils and staff who wish to continue to wear a face covering are entirely free to do so.  However, everyone (pupils and staff) must still wear a face covering in corridors, social areas and moving about the school, unless eating/drinking or they are exempt from wearing a face covering.  We would appreciate your support in this matter.

This mitigation is also due to end, all being well, on 21st March 2022.

Please note that other mitigations such as hand sanitising on entry to school and classrooms, wiping of workstations and 1m+ distancing between staff and pupils will however continue until 21st March 2022.

Assemblies will also restart next week and these will take place during Tutor Time either from 10.20 to 10.35 a.m. (S4-6) or 10.35 to 10.50 a.m. (S1-3).

As we move cautiously towards a return to normalisation in schools, there are two other areas where I would ask for your strong support.

Firstly, punctuality for school; school starts at 8.45 each day and that is the start of lessons.  Pupils go straight into their period 1 lesson; they do not go to registration at that time.  There is no “soft start” to the day. (Tutor Time, formerly Registration, takes place after period 2.)  By coming late to school after 8.45, pupils miss the start of the lesson and often the teaching point which they will be working on for that lesson. This causes disruption to the learning and teaching of the class and causes frustration and annoyance for both teachers, who have to repeat what they have said, sometimes several times, for the benefit of the latecomers, and for those pupils who were there on time and have to wait till others catch up.  The lackadaisical approach of a large number of senior pupils in being late to class regularly has hindered their progress and will sadly result in them doing less well in their SQA qualifications than they could have done.  In addition, employers say that one of the main skills they look for is punctual timekeeping, and we aim to reinforce that at school.

All parents in S4-6 will shortly be sent an updated period-by-period Attendance record for their young person. Any questions about attendance should be directed to your young person’s Guidance Teacher in the first instance.

Secondly, it is important that pupils turn up for school appropriately dressed and easily identifiable as Grove pupils, wearing school uniform, including the school tie.  Coming dressed for PE is not acceptable, even if they have PE period 1.  Please ensure your young person comes to school in proper school uniform. Again, this is an important employability skill in many jobs and professions.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in these matters.


Stay safe and well!

Yours sincerely



Graham W Hutton


This information can be downloaded here.