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Welcome to Grove Academy
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Grove Academy Uniform for Session 2020-21

Grove Academy Uniform Session 2020-21 - Information from LogoXpres Schoolwear

How to Order Your School Uniform

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic we are changing our ordering arrangements to ensure both the safety of our customers and staff. Additional sizing information is available on our website and further information will be sent via the school website or Twitter feed. Please go to www.logoxpres-schoolwear.co.uk

  1. Find your school.
  2. Parent Register, Log in and make your selection.
  3. At delivery method please choose the following option: Courier Delivery

Your order will be delivered by DPD. A £5.50 delivery charge applies. Please order by the 21st July 2020. This cut-off date will ensure your order arrives in time for the start of the new school year in August.

Our website contains helpful videos to allow you to size your child. The majority of young people tend to move up either one or two sizes e.g. 32 to 33 or 34. 

Typically New S 1 pupils fall into the follow categories:

Small – Normally 30 or 31     Average - 31,32,33                Tall – 34,35

Senior Braided Blazers:

Most  boys are in the 35,36,38 catergories.

Girls 33,34,35,36