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Important Information Regarding 2020 Exam Results

2020 Exam Results are available on Tuesday 4th August 2020.

If your results are not as expected, please do not panic. The SQA website has information and where to get support www.sqa.org.uk.

What do you do if you feel your grades are not as high as you had hoped?

This year the SQA have changed the Post-Result service in light of the alternative certification model for 2020. This Process is known this year as Post-Certification Review.


What is it?

It involves a review of candidate evidence by SQA Examiners, including any completed coursework components that were submitted in March before lockdown, for any eligible candidate or group of candidates identified by the school.


Who is eligible?

As you are aware teachers were asked to submit an estimate grade for each pupil taking account of a wide range of assessment evidence, including pupils’ work throughout the year prior to lockdown, (not just pupils’ results in earlier Prelim Examinations) but also considering assessment evidence and attainment data which shows any improvement by learners following Prelim Examinations.

The SQA have stated that a candidate is eligible for review only when they have been awarded a lower grade than the grade estimated by their school. If the final grade that is awarded by the SQA to the candidate is the same or higher than the estimate submitted by the school, then a Post-Certification Review is not possible and the grade awarded will stand.

The SQA will only accept Post-Certification Requests from the school authorised by the Head of Centre (Mr Hutton).  Pupils or Parents/Carers cannot do this directly with SQA!

Consent must be obtained, in writing, from the pupil for a Post-Certification Request to be made as grades can go up, down or remain the same.

There are 2 types of reviews- a priority review and a non-priority review

Priority reviews are only for candidates with a conditional university or college offer which is on hold. They have an earlier deadline. SQA will contact UCAS directly with any change to the award. 


Post-Certification Process ( The process is the same for both types of reviews but deadlines are different)


Priority Review

Only for candidates with a conditional university or college offer which is on hold

  • Pupils are to make contact with Mrs Barbour (DHT & SQA Coordinator), by emailing carla.barbour@dundeecity.gov.uk, by the end of Tuesday 11th August 2020 to request Post-Certification Review. 
  • Mrs Barbour will check criteria- if the pupil has received an award higher or the same as the estimate there will be no review as they do not meet the criteria identified by SQA. Mrs Barbour will issue pupil/parent with a letter/email explaining this. 
  • If the pupil has received an award lower than the estimate, Mrs Barbour will liaise with the subject PT about the request.
  • Mrs Barbour will then discuss the request with Mr Hutton (Head Teacher) to ensure it meets the SQA Criteria for an appeal. 
  • If agreed Mrs Barbour will issue pupil/parent with letter/ email explaining that their request has been approved. 
  • Pupil will have to confirm via tear off slip or by email that they are aware that SQA will share the outcome of their post-certification review with UCAS and/or the institution to which they have applied to allow their application to progress and also the 3 possible outcomes:-
    1. Agree with the original school estimate and upgrade the candidate result (higher grade awarded than on certificate)
    2. Disagree with the original school estimate and confirm the grade awarded by SQA (no change to grade awarded).
    3. Disagree with both the original school estimate and the original grade awarded by SQA and apply an alternative, lower grade (lower grade awarded than on certificate).
  • Mrs Barbour will enter the Priority Review request by deadline of Friday 14th August. 
  • Subject PT will then gather the alternative assessment evidence to support the request for uplift by SQA. 
  • Once the Post-Certification Process has been completed by the SQA Mrs Barbour will contact each pupil/ parent to share the result of the review. 


Non- Priority Reviews

Non-Priority Reviews will have the same process as above but will have the following deadlines:-

  • Pupils to make contact with C Barbour, by email, by end of by Friday 14th August.
  • C Barbour will enter the Request with SQA by Friday 21st August. Subject PT will then gather the alternative assessment evidence to support the request for uplift by SQA. 


The deadlines set above are not negotiable as they are set to meet SQA Deadlines. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in the request not being submitted.


Timetable Changes

If you would like to discuss possible changes to your timetable as a consequence of your results, your Guidance Teachers will be available to meet with you on Tuesday 11th August at 2.00 pm for S5 pupils and 2.45pm for S6 pupils. Pupils should sign in at the front entrance of the school and there will be displayed a list of where to find their Guidance teacher.  Pupils should ensure that they are adhering to Social Distancing advice and wash their hands on entry to the school. If you are not able to come in on Tuesday please contact your Guidance Teacher as soon as possible.  Please be aware that you should continue to attend your current subjects until any timetable changes have been agreed and processed.  

This information can be downloaded at http://resolveuid/a7102581e79d4bd0bd3c1d5695ac75f4