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Welcome to Grove Academy

Parent Information Evening - Resilience.

28th Feb 2019 @ 6:30pm - Grove Assembly Hall. Jill Trevena will be presenting a talk on resilience and young people.


We are delighted that Jill Trevena will be giving a talk on resilience and young people here at Grove on 28th Feb from 6:30pm in our assembly hall.

Our parents/grandparents/carers are invited to attend as are the parents/grandparents/carers of our up and coming P7 cohort.

Jill is a state registered Occupational Therapist who has 20 year’s experience helping people manage their wellbeing and giving them the skills to improve their quality of life. Jill currently works throughout the UK helping children and supporting adults, staff and parents to learn and apply practical approaches to positive mindset and wellbeing with the aim of proactive self-management. 


Topics Jill will touch on include:

* Delving into the power of the subconscious mind

* Recognizing what role emotions play in achieving success

* Sharing tools that create the stamina required for excelling in life 

* Understanding of your conscious and sub-conscious mind

* Awareness of the emotional guidance scale and how to manage yours

* Practical tools that keep your mind, body, and spirit in top form


Further details can be found at: http://practicalmindset.co.uk/about/