Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy

Return to school information for parents/carers

Return to school information for Parents/Carers


Dear Parent/Carer

Return to School

As you will probably be aware, the Scottish Government has announced that all schools will return starting from Tuesday 11th August, albeit on a phased basis, with all pupils back full-time by Monday 17th August.  The Government issued a set of guidelines which you can find here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance on preparing for the start of the new school term in August 2020


We recognise that this will be an anxious time for pupils, parents and staff, returning to the school after a period of nearly 5 months. We hope to ensure that there is support and help available to our young people and staff despite the difficult circumstances in which we return.  We are still in a process of consultation on this matter (e.g. with Dundee City Council, Teacher Professional Associations, Parent Council, Tayside Contracts, etc.) so what follows is a general outline of what we are proposing.  More details will be available in the days leading up to your young person’s return to Grove.

I am pleased to say that we shall be following the government guidelines and pupils returning to Grove Academy will do so as follows:

Monday 10th August 

In-Service Day

Tuesday 11th August 

In-Service Day

S5/6 pupils with course changes in the light of their SQA results to see Guidance Staff: S5 from 2.00pm and s6 from 2.45pm.

Wednesday 12th August

S1 pupils only (pupils should gather in the plaza for 8:45am)

Thursday 13th August 

S1 pupils at 8.45am

S5/6 at 10.20 (Pupils go to Tutor Time to get timetables) 

S2 at 10.35 (Pupils go to Tutor Time to get timetables) 

Friday 14th August

S1, S2 and S5/6 pupils at 8.45am

S4 at 10.20 (Pupils go to Tutor Time to get timetables) 

S3 at 10.35 (Pupils go to Tutor Time to get timetables) 

Monday 17th August –             All pupils back 8.45a.m.

This phased return will allow us to focus on specific year groups, especially S1 who are unfamiliar with the school and need to orientate themselves on what is really their Induction Day.  By bringing year groups in for a staggered Tutor Time, we can ensure all pupils get their printed timetables and are clear on the rules and regulations for the new “normal”.  Our approach is based on the above Guidelines from the Scottish Government.

To facilitate limited movement in the school we are looking at temporary changes to the school day, although start and finish times remain the same.  Consultations are in progress and I shall give you further details as soon as possible.  It is highly likely that there will be staggered interval/tutor time and staggered lunches.  It is impossible to have a one-way system in the Grove building, so pupils are being asked to access the building via the nearest entrance to their first class.  The building will only be open to pupils from 8.30 a.m. and pupils should make their way directly to their class before 8.45 a.m.

On entering the building all pupils and staff must adhere to the hygiene rules in place and use the hand-sanitisers provided at each entrance.  Pupils should also do this when they return from breaks, change classrooms, and before and after eating.  They will be asked to wipe their work-stations before and after use.  Each member of staff will have a supply of PPE (e.g. wipes, masks, anti-viral spray and paper towels, gloves, tissues and hand sanitiser) for use in classrooms.  In keeping pupils in year group bubbles, with staggered breaks and lunches, we hope to minimise the contact between pupils and keep the virus under control.

We shall still be encouraging distancing between young people where possible, particularly in the Senior Phase. However, 2m distancing should be maintained between adults and other adults and between adults and young people.

Tayside Contracts will not be providing any breakfast or morning break service, so pupils should bring a snack with them, if desired.  Pupils requiring a school lunch, who do not have a Free School Meals Entitlement, will need to pre-order a bagged meal via ParentPay or their NEC Card.  No cash transactions will be allowed.  Further details to come.  If your child has lost their NEC card, please contact dundee.nec@dundeecity.gov.uk or 01382 433267 to arrange for a new card to be sent out. You will need to advise name, address and date of birth.

We ask parents/carers to drop off and collect your young person a distance away from the school and cars should not enter the car park.  Young people travelling by public transport must wear a mask on the bus.  Pupils and staff will not be discouraged from wearing a mask/visor in school if they wish.

As I have already stated, I shall inform you of any further details as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely


Graham W Hutton