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Scotland Survey 2021


Young People in Scotland Survey 2021

As you may know, our school will take part in the 2021 Young People in Scotland survey.

The survey provides public sector bodies with vital information on issues like pupil’s wellbeing during the pandemic, young people’s views on gender equality issues, and whether their career plans have been affected by COVID-19. This insight will help the Scottish Government and others to better understand the experiences and opinions of Scotland’s young people, in order to improve support and policy.

We have adapted the survey to enable pupils to complete it either at home or at school and have provided all the materials needed in the links below.

It involves two classes from the following year groups: S2 and S6 (these year groups have been selected at random for each school). Guidance teachers will put the survey on their classes teams page.

The following materials can be accessed by clicking on the links below:


Pupil information leaflets


Parental opt-out letters



Thank you very much indeed for your help with this survey. We know this is a uniquely difficult time and we very much appreciate it.