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SQA Evaluation 2022

SQA Evaluation of 2022 Approach to NQ Assessment

SQA is currently carrying out a large-scale evaluation of the 2022 approach to National Qualifications assessment. The evaluation covers all parts of the assessment process that were handled differently in 2022, including appeals and exam exceptional circumstances consideration service. We anticipate that the key findings of this research will be published in the early part of 2023.

We hope that these findings will help both SQA and any successor organisation to make future decisions on a range of matters relating to National Qualifications.

Understanding how the system worked in practice and developing a deeper understanding of the views of both learners and practitioners is important to us. There are therefore two parts to this research:

  1. a large piece of survey research for learners and practitioners, with the aim of understanding their experiences of National Qualification assessment in detail.
  2. interviews to explore key issues in greater depth.

The surveys will be open until Friday 2 December.  Surveys are carried out on an anonymous basis, and no views expressed will be attributed to an individual or their centre.

Learner survey: please share this link – https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/2022EvalLearner/ – with all school learners currently in S5 or S6 and continuing college learners who sat National Qualifications in 2021-22.

We would very much like to collect as many views as possible from learners who sat National Qualifications this year, particularly those from groups who are hard to reach and seldom heard. 

Parent feedback - SQA is also keen to capture the views of parents and carers on the appeals system used in 2022. Over the coming weeks, we will issue an appeals survey to our panel of parents and carers who have signed up to take part in occasional surveys for SQA. If any parents or carers associated with your centre would like to take part, please ask them to sign up using this link www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/96570.html.


I would encourage you to take the time to share your views with SQA. 

The survey will be open until Friday 2 December.