Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy

S1 Induction Days - 9th, 10th, 11th June 2021

Each new S1 pupil will be placed into a House and a Class. We have four Houses at Grove - Dawson, Gillies, Orchar, and Reres - and each House has 2 classes for S1. The Classes are:

  • Dawson - 1D1 and 1D2
  • Gillies - 1G1 and 1G2
  • Orchar - 1O1 and 1O2
  • Reres - 1R1 and 1R2

Induction Day - 9th June Wednesday

  • Pupils meet in the Plaza  at 8:45am, S6 Buddies and school staff will be there also.
  • Pupils will make their way to the assembly hall and will be put into their classes.
  • Periods 1 and 2 will be with their guidance teacher. Normal classes will take place periods 3 to 7 with some time set aside for a tour of the building. The pupils will finish at 3:40pm as normal.
  • Pupils can bring a packed lunch or get lunch at our cafeteria. (P7s cannot go to the Ferry). Pupils should also bring water with them as the fountains are not on at present.


With their Guidance Teacher S1 classes will be covering.

  • PowerPoint welcoming pupils to Grove.
  • Health and Wellbeing – looking after yourself and your family during Covid 19.
  • PPE and looking after each other in school.
  • Housekeeping - When they are next in school, timetables, entering and leaving the building etc.
  • Team building exercises and getting to know each other.

This website is updated regularly so please keep checking it. Please remember classes are made up from mutually supportive groupings recommended by their primary school.

For Thursday and Friday, pupils should meet in the plaza for 8:45am buddies will take pupils to their usual classes. On a Thursday and Friday the school day finishes at 2:50pm. Pupils will follow their normal timetables over these two days.