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Robin Geddes - Feedback 25th Sept 2018

Thanks to all those who attended. Feedback from parents is published below.

What did you take from Robin’s presenation?                                                                

-          The complex nature of our thinking process and how this can be difficult for children

-          Reminder of strategies to manage anxiety

-          Young people today can name they are anxious but do not understand what it is and how to become unstuck

-          Basic understanding of anxiety – would like signposted to further reading

-          That anxiety and depression can be conquered. Liked the ‘monkey brain’ reference.

-          We need to be more in the present

-          Be truthful to yourself and others – can do will do – face down an issue enjoy success

-          That everyone has the same thoughts and feelings

-          The acknowledgement that anxiety is an external power

-          Think postiively

-          I liked the practical tools offered. Ways to advise my child like gratitude journal/blogs seeing silver linings

-          Everyone has these feelings ‘normal’. – Just need to develop ways to change and control how we deal with anxiety

-          Very insightful and informative

-          Useful resources to take forward

-          Very informative, relevant to all ages

-          How it effects everybody – find you are not alone about these feelings


What else do you feel works well at Grove for supporting young people?

-          Need to have a good system of support, e.g. Shoko

-          The discssions in PSE & HWB worker making themsleves known to pupils

-          Guest Speakers

-          Approachability of all staff.

-          Caring thoughful staff

-          Peer to peer councelling classes

-          Buddying – Older kids to yuonger ones

-          A talk like this for children would be good.

-          Keeping parents up to date. I want to play an active part in her edcuation

-          Older Kids buddy system, relaying these experiences


Can you suggest other strategies Grove can try to support young people?

-          Governement have suggested in house councellors, how easy would this be to implement. Mental health services carrying out talks at schools.

-          Not at present, good opportunity to consider issues that affect young people

-          Awareness of support around for young people

-          Role play, situation workshops, ‘insights’ from Dundee

-          Older pupils chatting and sharing experiences

-          Groups that look at empathy, run by pupils would be good.

-          More support staff

-          It is a real challenge but informing parents is a good starting point to reinforce the school message

-          Mentors – volunteers. Sometimes kids open up to others rather than parents – workshops to help kids learn coping strategies

-          The option to talk to someone one to one would help

-          Perhaps pupils would benefit from this talk

-          Unsure what is currently available as my daughter is only in S1             

-          Advise and talk to pupils about the subject so they know how to handle it.