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Homework Policy - Some questions for discussion

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Homework Policy  - Some questions for discussion


In ensuring an effective homework policy, we should consider the following questions:

  • What is appropriate homework for all pupils, especially for those with special educational needs?  
  • Who should ensure that the homework demands on pupils are consistent and manageable? At secondary level, a homework timetable is recommended and the amounts of homework should be co-ordinated by subject and pastoral staff. 
  • How can pupils be encouraged to value homework and how are parents to be involved in the process? 
  • How are the setting and completion of homework tasks to be monitored? Are homework diaries or planners worthwhile?  How about hand-held devices? 
  • What facilities other than the home can be made available for homework?
  • What system for monitoring and evaluating both the whole school and individual subject policies would be appropriate? 
  • How much time for homework should be required, bearing in mind that other activities, such as extra-curricular sport and music, are also important in supporting pupils' studies?
  • Should we include study support and out-of-school-hours learning in the homework policy?  Study support activities may include homework and study clubs, sports and outdoor activities, community volunteering and mentoring.



Issued for discussion at Parent Council meeting on 29 January 2013