Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy

English Transition


Welcome to Grove Academy English Department!


Introducing the English Department...

Miss Thomson (Principal Teacher)  English Room 4

Miss Kerr English 1

Miss Dick English 2

Mrs Brough English 3

Mr McNair English 5

Miss Haggarty English 6

Mrs Oldham English 7

Mrs MacFarlane English 8

Mr Mackay English 9

Where to find us …

You’ll find us on the First Floor of the building, in nine classrooms:

English 1-5 and English 9 are accessed most easily from the ‘purple’ stairs at the end of the Dining Hall.

Along there you will also find the Library – which we use a lot in the English Department!

English 6-8 are accessed most easily from the yellow stairs next to the Medical Room. They are opposite the Maths corridor and the staffroom.

What will you be learning?

Lots of really valuable skills!  We are a skills-based subject and focus on Reading and Listening, Writing and Talking.

These are really important Employability Skills for Literacy.

You will be reading lots of different texts in different genres – novels / short stories / plays / poetry … you might even study film!

You will develop your writing skills in different genres – imaginative stories and poetry / personal reflections / argumentative, persuasive and report writing.

Listening and Talking are really important aspects of your learning and you will participate fully in discussions and individual presentations


We also have a great LITERACY programme every week with Mr Charlton, the school Librarian.