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Geography Transition


   Welcome to P7 Geography



Geography is the study of people and places. It is very relevant in today’s society as the world shrinks through improved communications across the globe via telephone, television, social media, air travel. Every article you read or item in the news can be linked to Geography: Global Warming, Climate Change, Forest Fires, Drought, Volcanic Eruptions, Rising Sea Levels, Food Security, Coronavirus Pandemic, Travel, Daily weather and on it goes- can you think of any more examples?

During S1 and S2 you will get one period of Geography per week. Topics studied are wide and varied as we learn about our precious Planet Earth. These include Dundee, Mapskills, Weather and Climate, Earth Forces, Fast Fashion and Not So Fantastic Plastic. Pupils produce work in a variety of ways, examples below.

You will find the Geography Department on the top floor of the building. There are four members of staff in 4 rooms.

  • Geography One: Mrs Kerr
  • Geography Two: Miss Kydd
  • Geography Three: Miss Reid
  • Geography Four: Mrs Williams (currently on Maternity Leave)
  • We also have a new member of staff joining our team in August

You can follow us on Twitter @grovegeoggers

We look forward to meeting you in August 😊