Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy

Guidance Transition

Welcome to the Grove Guidance Team

Each pupil has a guidance teacher who is there to help and support them throughout their time in Grove Academy.  We are also first point of contact for your parents.

The guidance team are:

ORCHAR Mrs Terroni Mrs Adair
RERES Ms Samson Mrs Forbes
DAWSON Mrs Milne Mrs Philip
GILLES Mrs Lauder Mr Redford

Every week you will have one period of PSE (Personal and Social Education) with your guidance teacher.  Some of the topics you will learn about are:

  • Health Education: Sexual Health and Relationships, Drug Education, Personal Health
  • Raising Attainment: Study Skills, Target Setting
  • Personal Safety
  • Friendships and Relationships
  • Internet Safety


Let us introduce ourselves.

Have a go a spotting the fib – we might reveal the fib when we meet you!


Mrs Adair - I started teaching career at Lawside Academy in 1993..then to Grove, Craigie, Auchmuty, St Leonards, Grove, Braeview and then back to Grove.  I teach French, German and Spanish, was a Principal teacher of Languages, but am now a very happy Guidance Teacher - wish I had done this years ago! I love France and all things French - favourite things are travelling, spending time with my family and watching rubbish reality TV programmes!

My two truths and a fib: I had lived in 13 different houses by the time I was 13, I achieved my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award in S6, I worked as a holiday Rep in Faliraki, Greece when I was 18...…!!



Mrs Forbes - 

I started teaching in 1993 in Kilmarnock. I have been at Grove since 2008. I am a Modern Languages teacher – French and Italian. In the past few years, I have also been a Support for Learning teacher and a Nurture Teacher. I am now a Guidance teacher and I love it!


My two truths and a fib: I worked as a nanny in France, I teach Italian evening classes, I once ate in a restaurant situated half way up the Eiffel Tower.  




Mr Redford - 

I have been teaching Physics and Science for 23 years in both Montrose Academy and Grove Academy. Let’s be honest, that was far too easy. I needed a challenge and Gillies house was calling. So here I am, your Guidance teacher, lucky Gillies 2.

Two truths and a fib: I travelled to Los Angeles for the weekend; I am fluent in 4 languages; I can eat an entire packet of rich tea finger biscuits in under 1 minute.


Mrs Lauder. I started teaching 2007 at Grove Academy and have been here ever since. I started as a Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies teacher and was promoted to Guidance Teacher in 2014. I really enjoy being a Guidance Teacher and having the chance to help young people through their school career. I really enjoy reading and World Music and a member of the Scouts (although on a bit of a break after having my children).

Two truths and a fib: I have been to Mongolia, I play a West African drum called a Djembe,I have climbed Kilimanjaro.


Mrs Milne – I have been teaching for 26 years and have been at Grove Academy since October of 1999! I am a Maths teacher and became an Acting Guidance Teacher in 2001 and haven't looked back!

Two truths and a fib: I love books written by the author Natasha Pulley, I think all of the technological advances made in the world today are fantastic and I enjoy a range of sporting activities.


Mrs Philip – I have been teaching music since 2001 (as Miss Glover) and moved to Grove Academy in 2002, becoming a Guidance Teacher in 2003.  I love my job and enjoy the opportunity to work with so many young people and their families through their school careers. 

Two truths and a fib: I have walked the West Highland Way (all 96 miles) 3 times, I walked in the mountains of Tanzania with pupils and I walk to school every day.


Ms Samson - I started teaching in 2009 at Grove as a Science and Chemistry teacher and have been a guidance teacher since 2018. I love my job and I also like spending the holidays visiting different sunny countries.

Two truths and a fib: I broke all 10 toes at the same time, I abseiled from an oilrig into the North Sea, I am a qualified trampolining coach.


Mrs Terroni – I have been teaching English at Grove since 2007 and joined the fabulous Guidance Team in 2012. I love teaching and working with young people.  I enjoy reading, TV/film, eating out, learning new things and travelling.

Two truths and a fib: I once appeared on a billboard in Times Square in New York, I taught English in San Francisco and I am learning Italian.


We are all looking forward to getting to know you over the coming months and years!  Welcome to Grove Academy!