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Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy
Welcome to Grove Academy

Modern Languages Transition


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The Department of Modern Languages has 4 rooms on the first floor of the building at the end opposite Eastern Primary School.

Mr Edwards (PT) French, German & Russian
Mrs Young French & Spanish
Mrs McGill French & German
Mrs Forbes French & Italian
Mrs Adair French,German & Spanish






In S1 all pupils will normally have three periods a week in the department.  Half of the classes will learn French until the beginning of December and half will learn German.  At this point, all classes will change teacher and learn the other language until March. In French our topic is clothes and in German it is school. You (and your parents or carers) will then be asked to tell us which one language you would prefer to learn in S2 and S3, French or German.  Usually this preference can be met, but occasionally the other language has to be allocated. In S3 you will also be able to take up Spanish as well as continue with French or German.  Currently all S3 pupils also have a block of learning Italian too.

When you come to our department you will develop your language learning skills from primary. We do lots of cooperative learning. Being able to speak and understand a foreign language is a really important skill in today’s world – whether this is for work or pleasure.  So come ready to learn, work hard and make great progress in your learning.

We look forward to meeting you in August!

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